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    Modernisation of the public service in an Innovative way and Responsive to changing environments and technology.

    Integrity and Transparency to ensure the availability of full, accurate and timely information as well as the promotion of Environmentalism.

    Working Collaboratively and Efficiently towards a competent public service while upholding Accountability and Commitment to see the IFMS to fruition.

    Modernising technology &
    improvement of business processes


Modernisation of Public Service resource management systems to ensure effective & efficient Public Administration.

What’s new


Implement an ERP system and effective change management programmes to enhance administrative capacity & capability in the Public Service.


The Path to an Integrated Public Service

There’s a concept that has made its way to leaders in the international and local public and private sector agenda, and it is called “the 4th Industrial Revolution” (4th ID). This phenomenon is changing how we live, work and communicate. Most profoundly, it is reshaping governments around the world and affecting how they make decisions. New technologies, if used correctly, can be powerful agents for good.

The IFMS Goes Cloud

The IFMS has secured what is referred to as the ‘IFMS Cloud’ hosted by SITA. This is a private cloud which simply means that the IFMS data is hosted in an environment that will actively protect it against unauthorised access. A delegation from the IFMS has assessed the facility, particularly focusing on physical security aspects amongst other things and made sure that the IFMS is in line with the National Cybersecurity Framework of South Africa.

IFMS Promotes Stakeholder Participation

The IFMS is one of the tools chosen by the South African Cabinet to assist the Public Service in managing its human and financial resources. It is therefore important for all relevant stakeholders to participate in the development and implementation of the IFMS in order to contribute to the Public Service's endeavour to be more effective and efficient. The Programme has entered a crucial point of implementation known as the Elaboration Phase...

The success of the IFMS in South Africa is not an option because African States are looking at South Africa to set precedence.

Zanele Mxunyelwa – Former Acting Accountant General: National Treasury (RSA)

Success starts with teamwork. Together everyone can achieve more.

Jefferson Nkadimeng – IFMS Change Champion: Supply Chain Management

Despite the challenges we have faced in the Architecture Planning phase of this project, we made it through. Appreciation goes to all who participated during this phase.

Phila Mhlakaza – Director: IFMS Operations